With a full design and engineering plan in place, Radius jumps in to help hospitals battle infections with robots.

Healthcare-associated infections caused by deadly superbugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. With a very short window to product launch, Xenex Healthcare Services, the world leader in room disinfection systems, asked Radius to design and implement an automated room disinfection system that would eliminate the possibility of human contamination believed to be behind the dramatic infection rate.
The result? The Xenex PX-UV Disinfection System: an efficient, easy-to-use, robotic system that has proven 20 times more effective than standard chemical cleaning practices.


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“I challenged our infection prevention team to eliminate the risk of infections in our hospitals, and they made major strides in that direction. Using a combination of practices, tools, and technologies, including Xenex’s room disinfection system, we were able to reduce our MRSA infections to zero in our ICUs.”

— Terry Akin, Chief Operating Officer, Cone Health, Greensboro, USA

The Usability & Safety Equation

User-centric insight of alternate systems translated into design inputs for an enhanced system that could be remotely controlled and stopped from outside the room. An in-room sensor and front of door sentry system were designed to leverage ultrasonic technology to monitor and sense entry to automate immediate device shut-off, ensuring rooms could be entered with limited exposure to the UV light  – critical to device safety.


Refinement Lowers Costs

Radius identified, qualified, and implemented Xenex’s ultrasonic technology, refining the device and sentry designs based on input from suppliers to ensure durability, manufacturability, and robustness. Features like touch screen interface, a lighter inner frame, two-way remote control, data logging, and improved ease of maintenance enhanced product quality, while the team lowered unit cost and established the supply chain for equipment and replacements.



Immediate Impact

Prototypes established near production (10 units in all) allowed for design inputs to be adjusted, refined, and verified prior to manufacturing to confirm all performance, regulatory, and safety requirements were met prior to the construction of production units and sales to customers.

Today the Xenex PX-UV Disinfection System stands as the fastest, most cost-effective automated disinfection system available. Uniquely portable and easy to operate without operation disruptions or expensive chemicals, the systems are capable of disinfecting dozens of rooms per day for continuous use, successfully delivering a dramatic reduction in healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) rates.

Innovation. Realized through technological, infection-battling innovation scaled for manufacturing.

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